Trail Races You Want to Participate in

Trail Races You Want to Participate in. Part 2

Etna Trail Race, Sicily

Speaking of steaming hot races! For this one, you are granted a challenge that includes participating in a race on the highest volcano in Europe that also happens to be active – Etna. The race is a perfect opportunity to discover why this volcano is a part of UNESCO World Heritage – scenery that constantly changes from rural to lunar, ground covered in lava and volcanic sand and views of Ionian coastline make this an unforgettable experience for everyone. And runners here can range in fitness level and preparation quite a lot, since the distances available include the range of 12-94km. Make sure to grab good shades and run with your mouth closed – the volcanic soil will arise in clouds every time your foot strikes the ground!

Baikal Ice Marathon

Not a huge fan of running long distances in hot climate? Not a problem, here is a marathon in Siberia for you! Baikal, the largest and deepest world’s freshwater lake, is a true natural monument, and you get to honour it by racing from one bank to the other. You are running on a frozen lake, so you can expect slippery, uneven and hard surfaces, freezing cold and windy weather – a huge challenge to your physical preparation. But it goes way beyond that. This race is known for the psychological test that it presents; since everything around you is covered in snow and the lake is huge, it is practically impossible to get any kind of sense of perspective and understand you’re gaining distance. Running tens of kilometres that way is doable only for those with strongest of wills.

Tromsø Skyrace

From Siberia to Norway, there is not much of a temperature rise here, but a significant change in landscape from the marathon described previously! Tromsø Skyrace takes place in early August and offers these four events: the Tromsdalstind Skyrace (28km), the Bøntuva tour-race (15km), the Hamperokken Skyrace (57km) and the Blamann Vertical Kilometer. The latter two belong to Elite Skyrunner World Series. Mountain ridges and fjords present the biggest challenges, so these races are meant for runners with some experience under their belt. The sights of Nordic scenery are hard to beat though!

Trail Races You Want to Participate in.
Trail Races You Want to Participate in.

Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon

Let’s travel to Nepal for a race you’ll never forget. Seeing Everest mentioned in the title should already suggest an altitude challenge, and you are not mistaken if you think so. In fact, this is the highest marathon in the world, and it begins at 5,356m at the Khumbu Icefall. You’d think that at least getting to the start of the race is easy, but your wrong! You have to trek all the way to Everest Base Camp, and if that scares you, perhaps hold off on the race itself for a year or two. It takes place every year on May 29 to mark an important historic event – the anniversary of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary’s first ascent of Everest in 1953. Choose among a 60-km ultra-marathon, a regular marathon and a half-marathon to honour the achievements of those that came before us and set a great challenge for yourself!